New web images for even more active dialogue

16 April 2015

New web images for even more active dialogue

We proudly present the new Ideagroup website

Internet contains infinite worlds, but we want ours to be even more welcoming than others, skilfully explaining, attracting attention, provoking and satisfying the curiosity of our visitors. Our target is ever more diversified and curious and it appeared clear to us right from the start that if on the one hand people look at our contents with interest, on the other they demand (quite rightly, in our opinion) exhaustive answers that arrive immediately and are complete.

That’s why we have completely renewed our web image by re-organizing the contents so that they can convey a coherent picture of what we do.

We wanted a site that would simply highlight our daily work, a tool able to express on the internet our instincts, DNA, philosophy and the aims of our research.

We cannot forget that quality performance ensues rapidly and we must be ready to keep up with innovation: that’s why we have created a new responsive search engine which is flexible and easy to set up.

We have also chosen an even more eye-catching layout to arouse our customers’ imagination so that they can “see” our collections in their own homes.

Finally, we have made navigation even more intuitive.

The distinctive layout of the pages is closer to our profile; it is essential and minimal but nonetheless full of contents. Our website is like us, now more than ever. It is also orientated towards dialogue, just as our company wishes to be.

An interactive structure allows visitors to effectively “speak” to our company.

“Come on, be demanding “tourists”” is our invitation to comprehend our commitment to better contacts. We attach great importance to giving you a positive experience.

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