Meticulous care for details and materials go hand in hand with engineering capacity and the ability to use the latest manufacturing technology.

Ideagroup quality bathroom furniture.


Affordable quality.
Ideagroup is a company whose experience and know-how are the keys to its success in developing top quality bathroom furniture. Striving for quality is not only the group’s mission, it is the method that guides the entire production process for bathroom décor and accessories.
Producing bathroom furniture means working with a wide range of very different materials: from natural to lacquered wood, from marble to engineered materials, selecting the best supplies and using only top quality components.
Ideagroup guarantees the reliability, safety and durability of its products, which combine great good looks and functionality in well-balanced, affordable items.

Quality as a system.
The company considers quality in production and customer service fundamental and achieves its objectives by dint of experience acquired through years of research and commitment to the bathroom furniture trade. This is still true today, when the company is opening up to international markets.
Our quality control is not restricted to the production process, but also to sales, where we pay careful attention to customers’ needs and ensure punctual deliveries with well organised logistics.

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