Sense. The first bathroom furniture collection to caress, making your choice a “question of feeling”.

05 February 2015

Sense. The first bathroom furniture collection to caress, making your choice a “question of feeling”.

A new collection aimed at the organization of an original code based on the senses.

This collection was created to involve and fascinate, to unite opposing experiences so that they achieve exceptional harmony.

In speaking of opposites we invite you to give in to the urge to explore; not just by looking. This collection takes you on a tactile trip through contemporary design.

Essential shapes with uncluttered lines hint at other environments, living rooms for example, to exalt every day comfort in the bathroom.

Together with primary surfaces that are vital, sensitive and unexpected to give a natural dimension to be explored.

The Sense collection delves deeply into this link between textures of diverse origins.

Rough, robust, natural solid teak, machined and sculpted to reveal the natural grain of wood, matched with innovative materials such as Fenix NTM, the surface of which is created with the aid of nanotechnologies. It features decoration treated with technologically advanced resins that are matt, soft to the touch, and anti fingerprint and has the advantage that small scratches can be repaired by heat.

Warm colours, dimensions, wood and finishes are mixed naturally and technically to create freely composed arrangements. Every bathroom will be exclusive, absolutely functional and stunning to look at.

Absolutely Made in Italy.

Explore the shapes, materials and functional details, with your eyes by all means, but also by touch; use the handles to close a door or drawer and let your hands discover a grip profile that uses the same colour as the work tops to blend in with them. We have called this collection Sense because every line represents well-balanced unison of materials and innovation; to “feel” at all costs.

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