News from Cubik: the new catalogue coming soon online

20 May 2015

News from Cubik: the new catalogue coming soon online

New finishes for products with lots more customisation opportunities.

The Cubik line adds new materials to this Idea collection inspired by pure uncluttered shapes to provide design that seeks maximum comfort.

In addition to the sartorial continuous grain finish and Ecomalta there are other innovative HPL Unicolor laminates, which were presented at the Frankfurt ISH Fair last month.

Textured minimalism merges with the clean-cut shapes in a hygienic versatile material resistant to wear and steam, uniting efficiency and design.

Joints can be avoided by using HPL laminates, an innovative technical solution: HPL Unicolor tops with integrated wash basin. At last bathroom furniture features a single finish.

The shots we show today are just some previews of the new finishes: soon you’ll be able to see all the new items in our latest catalogue.

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