I.P.S. is a lean manufacturing system that enables us to increase the quality of our products and services.

The production cycle for Ideagroup bathroom furniture is constantly upgraded with cutting edge technologies to guarantee top quality products.

Idea Production System

In 2012 Idea began a lean transformation system, starting with its production processes and achieving significant improvement in materials flow and the practical application of Visual Management solutions, which have simplified our daily operations. Errors and non-conformity have been reduced and the standard of service and quality have increased.


We have now created I.P.S (Idea Production System), a lean production system that modifies and implements all the principles that help, and will help in the future, to react to the rapid changes in a constantly evolving market.
I.P.S. will assist us in being more reactive, quicker, leaner and more precise in implementing daily improvements, involving all our employees in the process and highlighting Ideagroup’s added value: human resources.

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