Modern, sophisticated and elegant design stretching from the most innovative to the most classic solutions. Since 1987.

Group companies

Idea: Mission.

Idea is the company with the longest history. Over the course of its development, it has always been able to integrate new skills and techniques to offer bathroom furniture product lines able to adapt in a functional and aesthetically pleasing way to their environment. It is bathroom furniture with a modern style which is at once refined and elegant; the designs range from the most innovative to timeless classics. This aesthetic, combined with production adaptability and flexibility, has enabled the company to successfully explore materials and technologies; in this way, it is able to deliver a superior bathroom furniture product to its customers.


Streamlined design and clean lines go hand in hand to express innovative creative concepts.


Aqua: Essential design.

It is essential bathroom furniture, minimal, elegant and high design. These are the qualities shared by all Aqua products: designer bathroom furnishings which become actual pieces of furniture, employing distinct linearity and clean lines to clearly express the designer’s creative concepts, the products of a meticulous design process aimed at ensuring customers receive beautiful and functional products. Aqua bathroom furniture highlights its decidedly contemporary feel with a range of sophisticated, hi-tech and innovative materials – which are often also precious and unique – all to create original products and unparalleled design.


Laundry rooms need to be stylish but also and above all practical.


Blob: A new philosophy.

Blob successfully meets the challenge of creating furniture with both style and practicality for work areas in the bathroom and laundry. Every design is carefully detailed with a high functionality and practicality level. Blob has evolved the concept of the laundry, transforming the work area of the bathroom into a blend of style and harmony. It gives the right priority to the daily necessities by optimising space and creating ergonomic and rational furniture for the laundry and bathroom.


Modern design characterizes a new shower enclosure concept.


Disenia: Absolute design.

Disenia – the fourth satellite of Ideagroup – rounds out the wide range of group products with comprehensive designs for the bathroom environment. Disenia proposes contemporary solutions for shower cabins, with particular attention to detailing, function, and aesthetics. Every shower cabin is designed down to the last detail, carefully tailored to trends in contemporary design and customer desires.

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